Published: 25th of February 2016

We are half way through 2016 already but there is still plenty of money to be saved! In this article we're going to explore the 5 best ways to save money in 2016 on your favourite retailers. We'll explore the most common ways along with a few others that may surprise you. Shall we get started? I think we should!

1 - Find discount codes before you shop

Yes, it's still one of the best ways to save money online is finding some great quality discount codes before you shop. They are supper easy to find (try this site first) and they are awesomely effective when it comes to lowering your basket value. You can use Google to find them, other voucher sites, and you can even sign-up to discount alerts so you get them instantly in your email. Want to know more? Get in contact with us and we'll show you the best sites for this.

2 - Sales and clearance sections

Most times the sales and clearance sections aren't that great for finding good deals on, but the trick is to keep digging and get in there early for the best bargains. Many times if you sign-up to the retailers newsletter, twitter or facebook, they will give you plenty of notice when these sales and clearances sections are updated. As soon as you get wind of this then pounce on them sales like a cat hunting bit of interesting fluff! Really have a good dig and I bet you'll find a few things of interest. Getting some items at half price is common but you can expect around a 25% discount.

3 - Use cashback websites if not bargains around

If you can't seem to find the items you love on sale, or you can't find a juicy discount code for them, all is not lost my friend! You can bet your bottom dollar (or £) that you can get a cheeky bit back using a cashback website. They are really easy to do too, just sign-up, click a few links, make the purchase and you're done. 1% to 10% are common for these sites but it all helps if you shop online often.

4 - Can you get free shipping with a minimum order

If you're buying a few items, or the item is a little pricey, then why not check if you're eligible for free shipping? Most online stores have this feature to try and tempt you to buy more. It's a handy little trick that could save you a nice fiver! If this discount isn't automatically applied then check for a discount code with a minimum order value. You'll be glad you looked!

5 - Subscribe to their Newsletter, Twitter and Facebook

One of the best ways to keep updated on all the stores discounts is to subscribe to their newsletter, follow them on Twitter and LIKE their page on Facebook. These channels will ensure you get plenty of notice of all their latest promotional codes and fantastic deals, probably before anyone else. These trick also opens you up to receiving custom discounts and exclusive codes. Some retailers dish out great bargains to their twitter followers and average ones to the facebook page. Newsletter subscribers get the best deals in our opinion.

Well there you have it boys and girls, some really easy ways to try and save a few pounds with your favourite online retailers. Hope this helps and please send in all your tips via our contact page and we'll add them to this article. Have an awesome day!