About DealDB

Here at Deal DB we have one major goal and that is to bring you the absolute best and most up to date discount codes and deals that UK retail has to offer. We aim to update this site throughout the day, each and every day so you can save money and get great voucher codes and deals.

We are constantly looking for new retailers to add so if you would like any to appear on this site then please contact us and we’ll find the best deals for them.

Here at DealDB we have many goals, but our main goal is to rpvodie our visitors with the discount codes, deals and special offers that benefit them the most, and to keep these updated each hour.

We work closely with many of the retailers on site to help keep their customers happy, loyal and get more for their money. Discount codes and vouchers are a very effective way to do this as they encrouage spending but also provide the great savings expected from many loyal customers in today's marketplace.

DealDB likes to keep things simple, and we focus on getting visitors subscribed so we can deliver future discount codes, vouchers and promotional offers directly to their inbox. Our website is basic because we need to provide quick savings and that's what our visitors are looking for.

Along with the latest working discount codes, we also supply a list of expired codes and deals to limit confusion when someone is looking for a certain money saving offer that has expired.

How we help retailers on DealDB

We work with many retailers on DealDB and it's our aim to provide them with more happy customers by delivery offers and codes that get people spending while keeping their loyal customers. We strongly believe that in this price sensitive world consumers would still like to stay with retailers but many times it's the price that makes them compare with other stores.

By pushing discount codes we can dramitcally lower the chance of consumers being disapointed on the price front as savings have been made and purchases are geneally bigger.

If you're a retailer and would like to be listed on DEalDB then please get in touch with us and we'll create a dedicated page so your customers can find your discount codes and special offers.

Thank you for visiting DealDB and we hope we can provide you with everything you need in regards to saving money, finding the best voucher codes and making your bank account smile more.

Thanks for visiting and please keep using this site for all your discount codes.